• Julian is 30 years old and is on his first NDIS plan
  • He has schizophrenia with a recent history of hospitalisation
  • Was living with his mum in a rundown, cockroach-infested apartment before moving in with his brother

Pathway to Pillar Support Coordination

Julian was referred on recommendation from another Pillar client.

Key issues to address

Unstable housing, first NDIS plan.

Approaches taken by Support Coordinator (SC)

  • It became clear that Julian’s unstable housing was a barrier to advancing capacity building approaches that would improve his life.
  • SC managed to contact Julian’s mental health team and advised his Case Manager of his living situation, as Julian had not disclosed this information.
  • In ongoing conversations with his Case Manager, SC found an opportunity to apply for mental health housing.
  • SC worked with Julian to get the additional information from his mum that he needed for the application.
  • SC sent forms to Julian’s GP which were completed and included in the application.

Outcomes achieved

  • Julian’s application for housing was accepted, and he was offered a room in a two-bedroom unit.
  • SC contacted Julian’s Support Workers to have them assist him with his move.
  • Julian is now able to return to therapy services.
  • In connecting with his new case manager in community mental health, SC can work towards finalising his Disability Support Pension application and put him on the waitlist for the Individual Placement and Support Program.

The difference made

  • Julian appears ‘lighter’ in his demeanor and says he has “so much space now”.
  • He has this housing option for up to three years, which provides him with increased security for a longer term than he has had in recent years.
  • Julian and his mum have been very thankful throughout the process, and they say how wonderful Support Coordination has been.

Next steps

Our Pillar Support Coordinator continued to support Julian with:

  • Re-engaging Occupational Therapy
  • Commencing with Speech Therapy
  • Looking into vocational activities for a slow return to volunteer work.

*name changed for privacy reasons

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Published On: May 5, 2022Categories: Case Studies

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