When we say no two days are the same in the life of a NDIS Support Coordinator at Pillar Support Coordination, we aren’t just saying that!

A rich and varied career in the disability sector, a NDIS support coordinator job will see you work with a range of people, with a variety of needs, keeping you on your toes and constantly learning.

Now more than ever, there is a demand for NDIS support coordinators. Not only is this a fulfilling career where you’ll have the chance to make a difference in the lives of others, it’s a growing area of the NDIS which means lots of opportunities for career progression and development.

Let’s see what a NDIS Support Coordinator at Pillar gets up to in a day!

Working alongside NDIS clients to help them access the best supports possible

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As a Support Coordinator, much of your day will involve working alongside people, their families, carers, and support networks, to get to know them, discuss their goals and support their needs. Through person-centred planning, you’ll find the supports and services that best suit them.

This can involve face to face meetings, phone calls, video calls and emails with clients and their support network, working in a flexible manner to accommodate each client.  You’ll also work closely with all stakeholders, using your problem-solving and people skills to identify gaps and work through barriers to maximise choice and control for your client in getting the most out of their NDIS plan.

It’s an incredible feeling to be part of making a positive difference in someone’s life. For most of our NDIS Support Coordinators, this is the best part of the job!

Supporting clients to achieve their goals and finding solutions to issues

A large aspect of the role as a NDIS Support Coordinator is brainstorming ways to continue supporting your clients towards their long-term goals and to self-direct their own supports. Some common goals you might be helping clients achieve are moving out of home for the first time, going on a holiday, getting a driver’s licence, and making new social connections.

You’ll also be finding the best solutions to issues they’re currently experiencing. These issues could include supporting a review of NDIS funding for increased supports, finding the right support worker,  sourcing a new piece of equipment to provide greater independence to your client, or overcoming a barrier to participation. If you enjoy thinking outside the box and finding solutions to complex problems, this could be the job for you!

Flexible working arrangements and work-life balance

A constant priority for Pillar is the wellbeing and needs of our team.

Many of us enjoy a mixture of working from home and the office, and we are proud to offer flexible working arrangements to our employees. This could see you working from home, out in the community or one of our Perth metro hubs in Cannington, Osborne Park, Wanneroo, or Fremantle.

Support coordination offers flexibility to fit around your life. When you’re at your best, that’s when you provide the best support to your clients!

Working with service providers and the community

Something you’ll be doing regularly is finding the right service providers and support network for your client. This could see you reaching out to partner organisations, assessing suitability of a new provider, negotiating contracts and liaising with their Plan Manager to get the best for your client.

You’ll be understanding their pain points with their current plans and figuring out where you can assist. You’ll likely be collaborating with all stakeholders, and you may need to brainstorm with your teammates to come up with the best possible solutions. NDIS support coordination is both logical and creative; identifying a problem, figuring out all possible solutions and then getting creative if the obvious fixes aren’t the right ones for your client.

So, you’ve just spent a day in the life of a NDIS support coordinator in Perth. What do you think?

If you’re excited by what you’ve read and keen to learn more about working with Pillar, you’re in luck! We’ve got an opening as a Senior Support Coordinator, where you’ll get the chance to do everything you just read, and more.

Apply for our Senior NDIS Support Coordinator role here.

You’ll not only be joining an amazingly supportive team, but one that is local and experienced. Our team works together to provide collective knowledge, expertise, and local connections in exploring the best solutions for the people you support.

Meet the Pillar Support Coordination team here.



Published On: May 23, 2022Categories: Articles

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