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Kyla O’Leary

Managing Director

Kyla O’Leary heads up the Pillar team. She has 25 years of experience in disability services, working in government and non-government leadership and direct allied health service provision roles. This includes working as an Area Manager in Local Coordination; supporting individuals and families with complex needs with individualised planning; and navigating times of crisis and transition from mainstream services. Kyla’s role sees her work alongside individuals and families to navigate their NDIS journey. She’s available with a friendly ear for any queries or problem-solving conversations.

Brenda Smith

Senior Support Coordinator

Brenda Smith has been working in human services for the past 16 years, including 13 years with the Department of Communities as a Local Coordinator and then Regional Intensive Support Coordinator (RISC). She’s worked alongside families and individuals with complex support needs in advocacy, person-centred planning and accessing supports and services. Brenda is proficient at building the capacity of teams while working with families with children to ensure coordinated service responses to complex situations. Brenda has a passion for ensuring people can lead the life they want to lead.

Chipo Zulu

Support Coordinator

Chipo Zulu has a passion for people and being able to make a positive impact in the lives of people living with disability. She has worked in the field for over 10 years with experience in direct support services, administration, coordination of staff resources and problem-solving such as matching staff skills to different support needs. Chipo links people with disability to the services they need while supporting them and their families to navigate their NDIS Plans.

Denise Layc

Specialist Support Coordinator

Denise Laycock has 30+ years’ experience working with individuals with disability and/or mental health needs, assisting them and their families/carers to access funding, services/supports. Her vast experience and knowledge have seen her work across multiple sectors and roles across the globe. More recently, Denise has assisted individuals to transition to the NDIS and to navigate the system. She helps people understand how to access services and supports and plan for the future while enabling people to advocate for their own needs and wishes.

Joanne Seymour

Specialist Support Coordinator

Joanne Seymour has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Social Work. After moving to Australia, she worked in the community sector before joining the Department of Communities as a Local Coordinator. Joanne has supported people with individualised planning and the transition to NDIS. She has a passion for supporting people to live their best life. She has lived experience of growing up with an older brother with intellectual disability.

Naomi Manganaro

Support Coordinator

Naomi Manganaro has worked in disability for 8+ years. Her wealth of knowledge is grounded by having an adult son with disability. Naomi has vast experience in administration, health, the Disability Services Commission, and participation engagement. With her son being a part of the NDIS since the beginning, Naomi has managed the ins and outs of the scheme and ridden the highs and lows. Naomi recognises the importance of being given opportunities and not underestimating one’s abilities.

Nicole Crane

Specialist Support Coordinator

Nicole Crane has 20+ years working in disability services in various roles, including direct service provision for state, local and non-government agencies. She was recently part of the pilot program My Way and supported individuals and families through the transition to WANDIS and then NDIS. Her Local Coordination experience included individualised planning, development of goals and linkages with service providers from disability, health, justice and community agencies. Nicole has a keen interest in advocacy, training and development within the sector.

Rebekah Sprlyan

Senior Support Coordinator

Rebekah Sprlyan has worked in disability since 2002 when she provided support with mobility and postural equipment solutions. She branched out into a variety of areas including direct care provision, training, community support, therapy assistance, and employment support. She has experience with physical and intellectual disability, individualised planning, and funding. Rebekah enjoys engaging with participants and their families to assist them in achieving their goals.

Sam Tully

Specialist Support Coordinator

Sam Tully has 6+ years’ experience in the disability sector and NDIS funding, working in support coordination, community supports, supported independent living, and therapy/equipment services roles. Sam has qualifications in Psychology and Counselling and is passionate about supporting individuals and families to access the services that meet their needs.

Trish Turk

Senior Support Coordinator

Trish has vast experience and has worked in all areas of the disability sector supporting people with disability, including accommodation – direct care and management, early intervention, community participation and employment. She has also worked with the Autism Association of WA for over 10 years and was involved with the pilot program My Way supporting individuals through the transition to WA NDIS and then NDIS. She is a passionate advocate for the people she supports and has developed strong working relationships with numerous service providers, including the Health and Education Departments.

Linda Willoughby

Participant Engagement Officer

Linda has a strong passion for supporting people and is always available with a friendly ear to help with any queries or referrals. Linda has over 10 years experience working within the disability sector in customer service and administration roles.

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