About the Youth Psychosocial Support Packages (YPSP) Program

The YPSP is designed to support young people with mental health issues to increase their participation in, and contribution to, their community, social and economic life.

Nomination for the YPSP is available to people aged 16-24 and by referral only. If you wish to find out more, please contact us on (08) 6325 4500 or ypsp@pillar.org.au. You can also read the YPSP frequently asked questions here.

Nominations are currently open with further packages available.

How YPSP can help you

The program provides a diverse range of support services that can be personalised to meet your individual goals and needs. These services can include helping you with daily living, maintaining stable housing, and accessing other relevant services.

The primary aim of YPSP is to improve your overall wellbeing and help you in your recovery, promoting your independence and improving your quality of life.

The YPSP will:

  • Provide you with person-centred support
  • Be responsive to your individual needs
  • Offer cultural safety
  • Be trauma-informed
  • Improve your wellbeing & promote your personal recovery
  • Promote your independence
  • Focus on what you need to improve your quality of life

YPSP offers a range of supports to help you:

  • Keep on top of day-to-day living
  • Maintain tenancy / stable accommodation (if applicable)
  • Navigate access to other services
  • Build confidence socially, and in gaining education or employment
  • By supporting your family or carers (if applicable)

The YPSP is a partnership between the Mental Health Commission (MHC) and:

Contact us

Speak to one of our Peer Workers at Pillar Support Coordination.

Ph: (08) 6325 4500
Email: ypsp@pillar.org.au

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Applying for the YPSP Program

There are several forms that you must complete and submit to apply for YPSP.

These documents provide you with detailed information about the program. By completing the forms, you’ll provide Pillar Support Coordination with the information we need to determine if you are eligible for the program.

NB/ We recommend you use Google Chrome to access and download forms to avoid corruption of data.

STEP 1 – Apply for the YPSP by completing:

1. Information & consent form

2. Nomination form

3. Risk assessment form

The risk assessment needs to be completed by the referring agency or service provider. If you are referring yourself, please contact Pillar to complete the form with you at (08) 6325 4500or ypsp@pillar.org.au.

4. Participant Agreement

STEP 2 – Submit your application:

  • Complete the submission webform (bottom of this page)

Use this option if you have completed all documents electronically. These will need to be attached to your submission.


  • Complete the Nomination webform

Use this option if you wish to complete the Nomination web form (instead of the PDF or Word version). All other documents must be completed before you complete and submit the Nomination web form. You will submit all completed documents via the Nomination web form.


  • Complete all documents in hard copy

Please post or hand deliver to:

Pillar Support Coordination
YPSP Program
32 Burton Street
Cannington WA 6107

Have a question?
If you have any questions or need help with submitting your nomination, please contact Pillar Support Coordination and speak with a Peer Worker or Support Coordinator.

Ph: (08) 6325 4500
Email: ypsp@pillar.org.au

Youth Psychosocial Support Packages Submission

If you are submitting your YPSP Package, please submit your 1. Information & consent form, 2. Nomination form, 3. Risk assessment form, and 4. Participant Agreement. Please contact ypsp@pillar.org.au if you have any issues.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 512 MB.