As a Support Coordinator, we need to help people navigate some very difficult processes and systems while they’re under pressure. To avoid some of the pitfalls that someone can fall into, here are 5 tips for effective and clear communication.

Be clear on your role

Provide clear guidelines about your role to the participant and to their family, as well as to service providers such as hospitals and government departments.


Be clear on boundaries. It’s difficult for a participant to know how much time you are able to regularly commit to certain activities. For instance, if a participant wants to speak with you every day, you will need to be clear on how reasonable this will be to sustain. It’s a good idea to work together to set a specific check-in time that works for both of you.


Trust develops when communication is honest, and participants see their provider walking the talk. This includes owning your mistakes or missteps and being accountable for all actions, whether positive or negative.

Manage expectations

Work to under promise and over deliver, rather than the other way around.


It’s best to be honest if you don’t know something and use it as an opportunity to learn new things. This can be a good role modelling experience too, showing participants that everyone can learn new things.

Remember, straight talking is not about being rude or cutting people off, it is about talking in an honest and direct way, and should always be done with respect and compassion.

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Published On: April 1, 2022Categories: Articles

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