About social work services in Perth

At Pillar, our experienced social workers specialise in understanding people and their situation. We move at a pace you’re comfortable with, and once your goals are established, we tap into our extensive network in WA to help you reach them.

Overview of social work services

Here’s a quick snapshot of how our social workers can support you. Click here to read the full scope of social work services.

Social work servicesQuick definition
Psychosocial assessmentOur social workers take a holistic approach to psychosocial assessments. We consider your physical support needs, background history, social situation, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. All this information will help you and us better understand why you’re struggling, and what the best steps are for moving forward.

After completing your assessment, we’ll put together a report with recommendations for future funding.

Working through life transitionsOur social workers want to support you during your life transitions. We’ll discuss your different options, connect you with relevant supports, and help you through any questions.
Navigating supports and servicesOur social workers step in to simplify the process for accessing mainsteam and community services. We ensure you get access to the correct services and help them understand the best way to support you.
Risk and crisis management, safeguardingOur social workers respect your right to choose how you want to live. We also understand that you only have limited choices available.
Risk and crisis management for families and carersOur social workers help you develop risk management and safety plans and connect you with services that provide additional support.
Capacity buildingOur social workers provide short-term therapeutic support and connect you with longer term therapy and medical support, when needed.
Capacity building for families and carersOur social workers understand the value you bring to the table. That’s why we focus on strengthening you and building your ability to care for your loved one.
Individualised planningOur social workers will facilitate your own Circle of Support and understand the importance of having healthy relationships. They assist individuals with little or no family contact to meet with unpaid support networks, providing you the opportunity to build strong and lasting relationships.

Should you require additional funding in your NDIS plan, we’ll support you by submitting a recommendation letter for future funding in your new plan.

Episodic case managementOur social workers can step in to coordinate stakeholder meetings and help you attend them. This gives you a voice in how you want your stakeholders to support you. It also keeps you updated during every step of the process.

One-off consultations with our social workers could make the difference. We look at your current situation, review your support system, and make recommendations on what can improve.

Have a question about social work?

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